WWE NXT Results (10/21), Rhyno Takes On Baron Corbin, Samoa Joe Answers Tyler Breeze’s Challenge!

wwe nxtWWE NXT Results

October 21st 2015

Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Asuka vs Billie Kay

Asuka tries to shake Kay’s hand, but Kay floors her with a big boot. A quick clothesline followed by a delayed vertical suplex. Asuka kicks Kay in the chest a few times, but Kay responds with a super stiff elbow. Asuka smiles. Kay charges her and Asuka locks in a flying arm bar, and then transitions into a seated arm bar. Asuka locks in the Asuka-lock for the submission victory.

Winner- Asuka

Backstage, Tyler Breeze tells has a message for Samoa Joe. Breeze wants Joe to know that if Breeze can’t be number one contender neither can Joe.

Enzo and Big Cass vs Dash and Dawson

 Dawson and Enzo start the match, locking up with a collar and elbow tie up. Dawson floors Enzo with a right hand, followed by a chop block. Dash tags in and they both attack Enzo’s knee. Dawson tags back in and hits a dragon screw leg whip into a modified death lock. Enzo gets to the ropes. Dawson releases the hold, pulls Enzo back from the ropes and locks the same hold back in.

Big Cass has seen enough. Big Cass charges in the ring and breaks up the hold. Dawson knocks Cass off the apron. Dawson turns around and Enzo rolls him up for the win!

Winners- Enzo and Big Cass

After the match, Dash and Dawson dismantle Enzo and Big Cass. They cap off their beat down by hitting the shatter machine on Big Cass.