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Report: WWE Reportedly Negotiating with Former Tag Team Champion and NXT / Performance Center Coach

As of now, it remains unknown whether or not the talks have been regarding Dinsmore returning as a main roster WWE talent or as a coach at the Performance Center, as he has worked in both capacities for WWE in the past.

Dinsmore worked with WWE as a coach down at the Performance Center for about a year, and was released back in October of 2014.

Dinsmore recently appeared on WrestleZone Radio, and revealed he is working on opening his own school in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. During the interview, Dinsmore said his time as a coach in NXT helped lead to him opening his own school:

“I wanted to bring a professional wrestling training center and professional wrestling live events to the Midwest,” said Dinsmore. “There’s not a whole lot of professional wrestling out here and there’s not a whole lot of good independent professional wrestling out here. What I want to do is provide a training center for athletes that one day want to get that try out with the WWE. I’m going to train my athletes the way that the WWE wants their athletes trained. I was most recently a coach at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL. I feel like I have a good grip on the way WWE wants their Superstars made. If the people want to become a WWE Superstar, Midwest All Pro and “Eugene” Nick Dinsmore are the only place to be.”

As for his release from WWE last year, there was speculation that he ended up on someone’s bad side in WWE/NXT, which eventually lead to his release. But beyond that, Dinsmore had a reputation of being a very good coach and was well liked by those at the Performance Center. Following his release in 2014, Dinsmore had the following to say to AngryMarks.com:

“I’ve been with NXT for the past year and its been a phenomenal experience. I’ve grown as a coach, as a performer, as a business man, it was a great experience. I just wasn’t the right fit for this time, and I understand that but ‘never say never’ brother because I’ve been back to WWE three times so you never know that’s gonna happen in the future.”

You can listen to Dinsmore’s entire WZ Radio appearance in the player below: