Which Top Promotion Did The Young Bucks NOT Sign With?, WWE Interested in Former NFL Player, How Much Beer Can Sheamus Drink?

Which Top Promotion Did The Young Bucks NOT Sign With?

As we have been reporting, top free agent tag team The Young Bucks announced on Twitter last night that they have signed new pro wrestling deals, but they did not reveal with whom they signed.

According to PWInsider.com, while it’s not yet known who The Bucks have signed with, it’s confirmed they have NOT signed with WWE.

As noted, Major League Wrestling teased in a Tweet that The Bucks might have signed with Lucha Underground, and Lucha executive Chris DeJoseph furthered that tease when he posted the following in response to the Bucks’ Tweets last night:

WWE Interested in Former NFL Player

According to VikingsTerritory.com, WWE has expressed interest in former Minnesota Vikings tackle Babatunde Aiyegbusi. Aiyegbusi is a 6’9″ Polish athlete, and was put in touch with WWE Vice President of Talent Acquisition Canyon Ceman after an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. Aiyegbusi’s agent had the following to say about is client impressing at WWE tryouts:

“They loved his size and athletic ability. They were also very impressed with his character. Babs has a very witty personality when he relaxes, and [he’s] funny. On top of that, he looks mean because of his size. They like the fact that he could play either role—the villain or the good guy.”

How Much Beer Can Sheamus Drink?

TMZ cameras recently caught up with Sheamus, and they asked him if he’s afraid of UFC’s Conor McGregor, with whom Sheamus has had social media beef. Sheamus said he isn’t afraid of anybody, and when asked how much beer he can drink, Sheamus says he loses count after about 15: