Update On NXT Morale; Main Roster Travel Woes, Attendance Notes From Last Weekend’s NXT / Aftershock Festival Shows

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NXT Morale

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Morale within NXT is said to be extremely high right now, but there is a reported divide between the main WWE roster. 

The lower level talent with $100,000 downside contracts saw an increase to $125,000, and others most likely got raises to compensate for the WWE Network taking away from potential PPV bonuses. Despite this, there are enough lower card talents still complaining that they have a hard time profiting considering how much they pay in travel expenses.

NXT Aftershock 

There were no house shows this week, but NXT was active as they were running four shows at the Aftershock Festival, with two days of afternoon and evening shows. 

It was noted that although there were 700 seats in the venue, the crowd filled in and there was plenty of standing room, making it possible that as many as 1,200 people watched the NXT shows.