Freelance Wrestling Walk Among Us Pre-Show Party Audio, Full Results, Review & Photos

Freelance Wrestling’s Walk Among Us

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Freelance Wrestling’s “Walk Among Us” Pre-Show Party

Host: Nick Hausman

Field Correspondent: Ross Berman

Guests: Arik Cannon & K-Mel

  • Co-Host of The Chicago Wrestling Rebellion on WLPN 105.5 FM Chicago Ross Berman as “Field Correspondent.” Ross is out in the crowd with a live wireless mic the entire pre-show getting reactions from Freelance fans and checking out all their great Halloween costumes.
  • Freelance Wrestling color commentator K-Mel talking with Nick and running down the Walk Among Us card.
  • The PBR Superstar Arik Cannon talking with Nick about competing in the Freelance Wrestling #1 Contenders Match, his love of PBR, Halloween costumes, more
  • The Freelance Wrestling Walk Among Us Halloween Costume Contest featuring promos from the fans in their pro wrestling costumes

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Full Results

Match #1: 1st Annual Freelance Wrestling Halloween Rumble

(All wrestlers except Yabo the Clown & Ruffo the Clown were portrayed by Freelance Wrestlers for the sake of parody.)

Rick Rude vs The Iron Sheik vs Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart vs Yabo & Ruff the Clown vs Spike Dudley vs Bruiser Brody vs La Parka vs DX vs The Rock vs Andy Kaufman vs The Shockmaster

Winner: The Shockmaster

This match was done like a Royal Rumble. One wrestler, or wrestlers, about every thirty seconds or so. The crowd popped like crazy for every entrance. Stand outs for me, personally, were Marshe Rockett as The Rock, Dick Justice as The Shockmaster and Steve Schneider making his debut as Andy Kaufman. Yabo & Ruffo the Clown were the only non-parody wrestlers in this match and the crowd went absolutely nuts for them. 

Match #2: Beauty and The Beast vs 4 Star Heros vs Submission Squad vs BFF

Winners: Beauty and The Beast

How do you follow that opening? The crowd was hot as hell after that Halloween Rumble. These four teams did a great job following the action up. 

Match #3: Sally Stitches vs Masked Character

Winner: Sally Stitches

Post Match: Masked Character attacks Sally Stiches and Arik Cannon runs out to make the save

The last Freelance Wrestling show was arguably stolen by the match between Sally Stiches and Arik Cannon. Sally and Masked Character worked really well here. I liked that Arik came to her aide after the match. I like watching these two work together.

Match #4: Viking War Party vs Trik & HGH

Winners: Viking War Party

VWP is so great. These six men tore the entire Abbey Pub apart brawling around before even starting the match. The Halloween Rumble that started the show was so hot I didn’t know what they would do to close out the first half. This more than left the crowd hot going in to intermission. Trik Davis is so damn talented. Amongst all the chaos he was pulling off some pretty sick moves the whole time. The finish saw VWP with a double chokeslam while their third member jumped from the balcony on to the chest of HGH’s Roy Gordon. Insane. 

Intermission- Sincere Engineer performs

Match #5: Freelance Wrestling Championship Match

Isaias Velazquez (c) w/ Coach Joe & Craig Mitchell vs Robert “Ego” Anthony

Winner: Isaias Velazques

This was another intense match between these two. Ego came to the ring escorted by four zombies. Lots of theater and great action. There was a ref bump during the match at one point. Ego took the advantage and was trying to get a pin with no ref. Marshes Rockett ran out in a referee shirt and counted the three count. BRIEFLY Robert “Ego” Anthony was the Freelance Wrestling Champion before the original ref overturned the ruling and restarted the bout. The crowd was really hot after that. 

Match #6: Freelance Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match

The N Words (c) vs Kuni Silencio & Discovery

Winners: The N Words

The N Words are one of the best acts I have ever seen on the independent pro wrestling scene. So much fun and just great in the ring. It was great to be able to see Kuno & Discovery in a Freelance ring as well. The N Words vs Beauty and The Beast should be a lot of fun.

Match #7: Freelance Wrestling #1 Contender Match

Arik Cannon vs Mike Matthews vs Sug D vs Donovan Danhausen vs Silas Young vs Gary Jay

Winner: Sug D

Hot ending to the show. Sug D won and cut an impassioned promo after the match about earning his spot on the card and wanting to be the best. During the match someone threw a PBR to Arik Cannon that hit him right in the head. He sat on the side of the match with a cold PBR where the PBR that hit his head had struck. After a few minutes he re-entered the match and is fine. Silas Young also wrestled the last few minutes of the match with his trunks around his thighs with his ass exposed. Providing a full moon after midnight to kick off Halloween! 

The sounds make these slo-mo videos from @freelancewrestling all the creepier #Halloween

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