Exclusive: Chair Shot Reality’s Justin LaBar Talks It Being Roman Reigns’ Time, Possible Taker & Kane Partners, Judy Bagwell, more (Audio Included)

WZD LabarYesterday Chair Shot Reality’s Justin LaBar was the featured guest on the WrestleZone Daily. Justin was recently seen on the red carpet for the world premiere of The Good, The Bad, And The Buff: The Marc Bagwell Journey.

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During his appearance on the show Justin discusses his experience at the premiere, thoughts on it being Roman Reigns time in the WWE and who could possibly be teaming up with Undertaker & Kane at Survivor Series. We have transcribed some of Justin’s comments below and you can hear Justin’s appearance at the 22:48 mark in the Soundcloud audio player.

On whether Buff Bagwell’s Mom and former WCW personality Judy Bagwell was at the premiere of The Good, The Bad, And The Buff: The Marc Bagwell Journey:

JL: She actually was supposed to be there. I actually never got an explanation. I don’t believe she ended up making it. The only reason I know this for sure is that I know she was supposed to be there. Obviously, she’s gotten older and I’m assuming she must use a wheelchair now. There was actually a big hubbub earlier in the day to make sure one of those wheelchair lifts that you have to roll on to and is an elevator was setup to get to the lobby area just past where the red carpet was. They were talking all about that. I never saw her there so I don’t believe she made it. 

On why he thinks now is the time for Roman Reigns:

JL: It just makes sense. The thing is he has certainly gotten a lot better in all aspects. Is he the greatest on the mic yet? No. The thing is a lot of the people that rag on him are in the bubble. They’re in the IWC bubble of over analyzing or they don’t like the typical big man. They don’t like the slower paced match. They want a heavier work rate… yada yada yada. WWE books for the most casual fan and the most casual fan is where they get the money. If you watch Monday Night RAW with somebody who is not a regular viewer. Whether a casual viewer or whether they’re your girlfriend and they never watch at all. Roman Reigns is one of the guys who stands out. He has that Hollywood kinda look and charisma to him. He looks like an action hero. He looks like The Rock. That’s also because they’re related. Right now there’s a lot of organic momentum. The problem that they had last time was everybody knew that he was going to win the Rumble. It was booked and the way they were building him up before the Rumble we all knew it was going to happen. Of course they were in Philadelphia and that doesn’t help things. Everybody knew it was coming, that loud vocal crowd, that IWC crowd completely just hated on it. If he would beat Seth Rollins at Survivor Series I think that would be somewhat of a surprise to people. Obviously he has a chance if he’s in the match but it would somewhat of a surprise to people. It’s in Atlanta, Survivor Series, Roman Reigns played football at Georgia Tech. Right there in Atlanta. 

On who he thinks will team with the Undertaker and Kane at Survivor Series:

JL: I want to go on record as saying I had nothing to do with the Steve Austin or Daniel Bryan predictions (from Chair Shot Reality) because neither of those are going to happen. My call was Undertaker, Kane and Sting because it will finally give the fans their Sting-Taker kind of collaboration. If Sting is somewhat banged up… he obviously walked out of Night of Champions so he can’t be that bad off. It’s a 4 on 4 match so I am sure he can do a little bit for that. Finn Balor is kind of a wild card to make the internet go crazy and give a rub to somebody new. Somebody has got to get a run out of this. Braun Strowman is going to get a great rub out of this but give a babyface a rub. It would be so fitting. Undertaker made his debut as the unknown at the Survivor Series in 1990. Let that same role go to Finn Balor as his first debut on the main roster. As I said, “Nobody should be teaming with the Undertaker and Kane unless you can bill them from Parts Unknown.” I can’t have white bread babyface teaming up with them. It just doesn’t fit for me. Sting and Finn Balor both fit that mystical kind of feel. 

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