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TNA Impact Wrestling Results (11/4) – Jeff Hardy Speaks Out, Roode vs Young, The Wolves Clash

Second Match: Group UK’s Rockstar Spud vs. Bram in a TNA World Title Series Match 

Bram shoves Spud down to the mat. Bram continues to toy with Spud. Spud slaps Bram in the face. Spud with three running forearms to Bram. Spud bites Bram’s thumb. Bram knocks Spud down. Bram goes for a two elbow drops and Spud ducks out of the way. Spud with a elbow drop to the back of Bram for a one count. Bram rolls out of the ring in frustration. Spud dives onto Bram on the outside, but Bram catches him and sends him to the steel ring steps. Bram rolls Spud back into the ring. Bram with a boot to the midsection of Spud. Spud with jawkbreaker to Bram. Spud with three running forearms and a dropkick to Bram. Spud with a enizguri. Spud goes for the Underdog, but Bram counters. Spud rolls up Bram for a two count. Bram with The Brighter Side of Suffering to pickup the victory. 

Winner: Bram + 3 Points 

Bobby Roode Promo: 

Camera man asks Roode if he knows that Eric Young is looking for him right now. Roode says yes and he can care less. He hasn’t forgot what Eric Young did to him. He’s the man directly responsible for costing Roode the TNA World Heavyweight Championship earlier this year. He thinks that he control’s the destiny of the world title. Roode has news for him. Roode controls his own destiny, he’s the King of the Mountain Champion and when he defeats Young tonight he will be one step closer to becoming the TNA World Heavyweight Champion again and he will close out 2015 as a double champion. Roode says that he’s ready, but the question is if Young’s ready?