Impact Wrestling Results (4/6): Edwards vs Richards Last Man Standing Match, New Knockouts #1 Contender, Multiple Stars Return!


Impact Wrestling Results

April 6th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Eli Drake vs Caleb Konley

Drake lands a few strikes and dumps Konley to the outside. Tyrus runs over Konley with a clothesline on the outside before rolling Konley back into the ring. Drake beats down Konley before Konley surprises Drake with a rolling palm strike. Drake rolls to the outside. Konley hits a suicide dive. Konley hits a back drop into a uranage for a two count. Konley goes up top, but Drake cuts him off and superplexes Konley off the top. Drake picks up Konley and hits the Kryptonite crunch for the win.

Winner- Eli Drake

Josh Matthews and Jeremy Borash argue at the commentary desk. JB threatens to knock Matthews out. Bruce Prichard comes out to the ring and tells JB and Matthews to get in the ring. JB calls Matthews an idiot and says he is closer to Bob Ross than Jim Ross. Matthews says he saw JB write that down five minutes ago.Prichard says they are tired of hearing them argue. Since they both think they are the best, let’s find out right here in this ring. Prichard tells them that they will both pick a team and both teams will battle it out next week. Prichard forces JB and Matthews to shake hands.