Latest Backstage News on TNA & ROH on Destination America, More Details on Dixie Carter Email Debacle & Who She Was Targeting

tnaAs we noted last week, former Destination America General Manager Mark Etkind recently left his job at DA to take a job at The Science Channel. Jane Latman replaced Etkind, which has lead to hope that TNA and ROH might remain on Destination America now that Latman is the GM.

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According to The Wrestling Observer, Etkind was reportedly the person in Destination America who called for pro wrestling to be taken off the Network, and that decision had something to do with a prior Dixie Carter email.

We noted months ago that Dixie Carter accidentally sent a mass email to Discovery Network executives, badmouthing certain people in Destination America, and calling a specific executive an “idiot” for not releasing DVR ratings information, as Spike TV sometimes did. If DVR ratings were factored in, Impact Wrestling was doing 15-20% increases on the non-DVR reported numbers.

Mark Etkind was reportedly the DA executive Dixie Carter labeled an “idiot”, which likely lead to his decree that wrestling be pulled from the Network.

As of now, there remains no official word as to the futures of TNA and ROH on Destination America, but with Etkind leaving and Latman coming onboard, all DA programming is currently under evaluation.

TNA is under the belief that it will be finishing up with DA in January, while ROH is still waiting to hear what their future on the Network holds.