John Cena Cracks Joke on The Today Show (Video), Zeb Colter Debuts MexAmerica Passport (Photo), Pro Wrestling Birthdays

John Cena Cracks Joke on The Today Show

WWE Superstar John Cena appeared on The Today Show earlier today and cracked the following joke during his appearance:

Zeb Colter’s MexAmerica Passport

WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio’s manager Zeb Colter has posted the following image to Twitter. It’s a photo of what Zeb Colter claims to be a MexAmerica passport that will be, “coming soon.” He also notes that in MexAmerica there are no taxes, crime or haters:

Pro Wrestling Birthdays

Today marks the 45th birthday of Chris Jericho and 56th of former WWE/WCW referee Nick Patrick.