Backstage News on the WWE Breaking Ground Series: How the Show Works, William Regal’s Role, Sara Del Rey Still Training Talent?, Promo Class Notes & More

Despite the above being true, there are some small differences with how NXT actually works and what we see on the show. For example, WWE executive Canyon Ceman was shown informing a talent that he was being released, and in reality head NXT coach Matt Bloom would be the person to deliver that kind of news. Ceman was brought onto the show just to be a part of the on-air series.

With regards to promo class, while William Regal is shown heading up that department, Ryan Katz is the person who usually heads up those classes. Katz is a former XPW and Wrestling Society X performer and has been with the Performance Center since its launch. Katz also worked very closely with Dusty Rhodes before his passing.

There have also been questions surrounding Sara Del Rey’s current position in NXT, as she is show on Breaking Ground as a trainer, but previous reports noted she is now working as a producer/agent. It’s being said that while Del Rey does handle producer responsibilities, she remains a regular trainer of NXT talent.

Former TNA Knockout Sarah “Sarita” Stock is also currently working as an NXT trainer.