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CM Punk Talks Writing Drax, If There Are Continuity Issues With The Films, Does He Want To Attract Wrestling Fans To The Comic?

Punk talks about how the project was pitched to him, why Drax appealed to him, the writing process, if he would like to draw wrestling fans in, and more. You can read a few excerpts below: 

CM Punk explains how he got the Drax comic: 

Simply put it was offered to me. I’d been kind of angling to anybody I could to let me write Punisher, and they came back with this. It’s pretty cool; Guardians of the Galaxy is a huge property for [Marvel], obviously, and almost every other character has had a solo book

I was interested because I really have no connection to the character—not like with Punisher. I was more familiar with the Jim Starlin Drax; Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity Watch, Infinity War. I wasn’t too up on what [writer Brian] Bendis had done with the character [recently], so I did my homework. But I knew that I could sort of do what I wanted with him.

Did he have any issues with following the Guardians Of The Galaxy film continuity? 

The only restriction I had was on characters I could and couldn’t use. Originally I wanted to use Mole Man, but they said that wouldn’t work, but out of that came something better. I came up with a more ridiculous, obscure villain. But as far as the movie stuff goes, nobody’s said a single time “You can’t do this because of that.” It’s been pretty great.

Is he worried about wrestling fans buying Drax, or writing to one type of Guardians fan?

No. Probably much to Marvel’s chagrin I’m not focused on sales. I don’t know if there’s a writer in comic books that writes with that in mind, but to me, I’m a comic fan, and I hope all the comic fans out there like it. And if somebody only buys this because they watched me wrestle and they’re going to buy this, that’s great. I hope they like it too.