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The Wolves Talk Facing Off In The TNA World Title Series, Working For TNA vs ROH, Which Other Teams Would They Like To Face?

impact wrestlingTNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves were recently interviewed by Ring Rust Radio while promoting the ongoing TNA World Title Series.

Teammates Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards talk about facing each other, competing as singles stars before teaming up, and much more. You can read a few excerpts , and listen to the interview in the player below:  

What it will be like facing each other in the TNA World Title Series? 

Davey: We have done it before plenty of times and I am sure we will do it plenty of times. It’s all in the spirit of competition and there is a strong, mutual respect between us. At the end of the day, both of us want to be the best and there can be only one winner. So I look forward to it and it will be a great match. 

Eddie: We bring out the absolute best in each other and I know Davey does for me. Anything less than my best won’t get it done against an athlete like Davey. It’s going to be hard hitting, intense, and we’re going to leave it all out in the ring.

Working for TNA vs Ring of Honor: 

Davey: ROH is more geared to a live experience wrestling type of product. They have a lot of younger guys who are up and coming and trying to make their name which is awesome. TNA is more of a TV product with a lot of guys that are around and made their names elsewhere and a lot more experience. It is a different flavor than what ROH brings so it’s a good one two combo with two companies that offer something unique and are unique in what they do.

Eddie: With ROH, you are going to have those longer matches that you won’t see week to week on TNA. Styles wise, TNA is quicker and flashier where ROH is more hard-hitting. You can’t go wrong with either one so for wrestling fans in general just watch them both.

Are there any teams outside of TNA they’d like to face? 

Davey: I think tag wrestling is so good right now that it makes it a hard question to ask right now. I think the Young Bucks are great, reDRagon is great, and the Heat Seekers from North Carolina are great. There are a lot of teams from all over that are great and we enjoy wrestling them all and we would like to wrestle them again.

Eddie: I think a lot of fans would like to see us go against either the Bucks or reDRagon. Then there is the Killer Elite Squad over in Japan and the Time Splitters. Basically the best teams in the world are the ones we want to face, and that’s what the fans want to see too.