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JR On the Inclusion of Reid Flair’s Death in WWE Raw’s Closing Segment: “I’d Have Passed On Using It”

“Lots of emotions being vented about the closing segment involving Charlotte and Paige as they were given the opportunity to close the show on RAW and sell their title bout this Sunday in Atlanta at the Survivor Series. Apparently the script called for Paige, the villain, the invoke the name of Charlotte’s late brother Reid in a less than favorable context that set off a much needed round of physicality. Should the line about Reid have been used? Did WWE cross the line as many vocal dissenters apparently feel? Is reality based content fair game in the world of WWE and pro wresting in general?

It is a subjective question to say the least and most fans seemingly are going to detest it or be non plussed about it. There likely won’t be much middle ground.

I had more issues with the length of the dialog exchange than the controversial choice of words than I did with the use of Reid Flair within the explanation of the fictional rivalry between Charlotte and Paige. In theory the personal issue element added to the Title being at stake and that will be decided is spot on in theory but some are simply not going to ever accept the Reid Flair aspect of theory no matter what any one says.

After hearing the line and being able to think about it, I’ll play post, RAW quarterback and say I’d have passed on using it.”