ICYMI: Nick Paglino Reacts to Brad Maddox’s Release, Talks Mick Foley’s RAW Frustrations, Sting’s Future & More

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On whether he was surprised to find out Brad Maddox had been released by the WWE:

NP: It’s funny. When I saw that he had been released I wasn’t really surprised by the headline. Brad Maddox is a guy that really hasn’t been used on television in, how long? He really had no substantial role in the WWE. Then when I read the reason why I was very surprised. He didn’t drop this… are either of those two words curse words? Cocky or prick? It’s not like he dropped those two words on live television. It’s at a house show and they dump the guy. It seemed to me like maybe they were just looking for a reason to get rid of him. 

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NP: That speaks very highly to the immediacy of your product and how much someone wants to watch it right now. I don’t know if you watched that Patriots vs Broncos game that was on last night. If that game was on tonight I’m telling you right now, whether covering wrestling is my job or not, I’m watching that NFL game. I’ll tell you what, that’s going to be a hell of a lot more exciting than whatever RAW will be tonight. It could be what’s on television or it could be something else you could do. Your friend could call you and say, “Hey, we’re all going bowling tonight.” That could be more exciting. Your friend could call you and say, “Hey, everyone’s coming over to my house tonight and we’re all going to shampoo our hair.” That’s much more exciting than watching RAW.

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NP: My answer to that is, “no,” but I think it’s for reasons outside of the injury. Sting has been very healthy throughout his whole career. Accidents happen. Look at Seth Rollins. He’s in his prime right now, took an awkward landing on a sunset flip and there goes his knee. I think injuries like that can happen to anyone at any time. Jimmy Graham, NFL Superstar, is having a great year and his knee buckles in the end zone last night and that’s it. He’s out for the rest of the season. Stuff like that happens all the time. They’re fluke accidents. If Sting did come back and get back in the ring, by all accounts he’s healthy enough to compete now, I certainly wouldn’t be fearing for him in any way. For me a Sting return match is not really intriguing because of the way he’s been booked so far in WWE. The guy has got no momentum. He’s lost a couple of matches now. What could he do? Aside from maaaybe the match against the Undertaker which could have a little bit of intrigue. I really don’t know what this guy could do that would be all that intriguing at this point. 

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