Former WCW Superstar Crowbar Talks Vince McMahon Buying WCW, Being Paired w/ David Flair, Working with Terry Funk and More

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Crowbar Discusses How He Was Paired w/ David Flair in WCW:

Being a “Co Crusierweight-Champion” w/ Daffney and a dropped angle with The Demon:

They always seemed like they were grooming me for the cruiserweight thing and then I win it with Daffney, then all of a sudden that was dropped. They did a thing where I actually thought it was great and it was funny and there was a lot of potential with it and that was where I was half-assed stalking The Demon thinking he is Gene Simmons and half-assed worshiping him. We actually had stuff written up for that and had thrown some suggestions but it was just washed and it just got flushed right down the toilet for no reason. A lot of things were started and could have escalated to mean something and then all of a sudden it was gone and with no continuity. 

Never getting a singles feud with Chris Candido over the Cruiserweight Championship:

It would have been great because we’ve had a million singles matches. We had one there and I want to say it was a Thunder and was like six or eight minuets and I think it was fantastic. I had really good chemistry with Chris, we worked great together and I loved him both personally and professionally. We would speak about how much potential we had to work with and had so many ideas for matches and as fast as they did the first one it was over and done. There was definitely potential it just never happened.