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AJ Styles Talks Working Through a Back Injury, If NXT/WWE is a Goal For Him, Thoughts on Lucha Underground, Where TNA Went Wrong, More

aj stylesRing of Honor and New Japan Star AJ Styles recently appeared on Ring Rust Radio, and below are some interview highlights. It should be noted the interview was conducted prior to ROH Final Battle.

The YouTube interview can be found at this link.

The Blog Talk Radio Episode can be found at this link.

Ring Rust Radio: On Friday, you are scheduled to square off against Jay Lethal for the world title at Ring of Honor’s Final Battle. What are your expectations for your match against Lethal and what kind of atmosphere are you expecting inside the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia?

AJ Styles: I have to tell you man, I love it when I get butterflies. The more you wrestle the fewer butterflies you get and you need that extra energy, know what I’m saying? You have to get pumped before your match. Just talking to you guys I am getting excited about it. Jay Lethal is one of the best in the world. You are not the Ring of Honor champion because you suck. This guy is amazing and I have watched him grow as a pro-wrestler and a human being. He is going down a different path and I understand it, I have been there before. I think it is going to be an amazing match.

Ring Rust Radio: What do you expect from the Philadelphia crowd?

AJ Styles: They probably are one of the best crowds on the planet. These guys know what wrestling is, they respect it and when they see something great, they go crazy. That’s what I want. Every time I have been in front of a Philly crowd they have been amazing.

Ring Rust Radio: Recently, there have been rumors of you working through a back injury. Can you talk about what kind of injury you’re dealing with and how it will impact your status for Final Battle and New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom?

AJ Styles: I’m not going to let it have an impact. I’m going to be wrestling at Final Battle and Wrestle Kingdom and I will find a way. I’m not missing these amazing events for anything. I am going to be there, I have been hurt before, and I just work through it. Everyone has at some point; it’s just what you do as a wrestler. You ignore the pain and when that adrenaline starts running it doesn’t matter what’s bothering you, you will put on the best show you can.

Ring Rust Radio: The demand for you is as high as any wrestler in the world right now. You’re a top guy in both ROH and New Japan, and while that’s great for exposure, I imagine it can be taxing on the body as well. At this point in your career is there any consideration given to pulling in the reins a bit or taking less dates to preserve your health?

AJ Styles: Maybe less dates because I have been going hard ever since I left TNA. I have been rocking it. Maybe less dates is something that I should look to, but as far as slowing down in the ring; no way. I have one gear and it’s all or nothing with me. That’s the reason why I came home early from the tag tournament over in New Japan. If I got back in the ring, I would have hurt myself worse because I just can’t slow down. It doesn’t matter how many people are in attendance, you are always going to get everything I have.