NYPD Reportedly Gets Tons of Phone Calls Following Vince McMahon Raw “Arrest”, Playboy Magazine Profiles Hijo Del Perro Aguayo

NYPD Reportedly Gets Tons of Phone Calls Following Vince McMahon Raw “Arrest”

Vince mcmahonAccording to TMZ.com, the New York Police Department reportedly received a ton of phone calls following the Vince McMahon arrest angle which took place on WWE Raw last night.

TMZ speculates that the calls were made either from people who were unhappy with the use of fake police offers on Raw, or because they actually wanted Vince McMahon arrested.

Playboy Magazine Profiles Hijo Del Perro Aguayo

Thomas Golianopoulos of Playboy.com recently did an in depth profile of the late Hijo Del Perro Aguayo, and below is an article excerpt:

On the night of Friday, March 20, 2015, Aguayo wrestled in Tijuana in a four person match that, when compared with the bloody brawls he was known for, appeared fairly sedate. “Everything was normal,” says T.J. “Manik” Perkins, Aguayo’s tag team partner that evening. “Up until the moment we were both on the ropes, everything was totally normal.” About five minutes in, Aguayo charged one of his opponents, Óscar “Rey Mysterio” Gutiérrez Rubio, in the corner, where Mysterio delivered Aguayo a double boot to the face. Aguayo then rolled forward and took a flying head scissors to the outside, resulting in an awkward bump on the ring apron. When Aguayo reentered the ring, Mysterio drop-kicked him in the shoulder. He crumpled into the middle rope, the perfect position for Mysterio’s signature move, the 619. Manik fell next to Aguayo. Both were supposed to duck when Mysterio swooped in, but Manik, sensing something was wrong, whispered, “Perro, Perro, down!” As Mysterio flew over him, Aguayo lay still, then slumped to the bottom rope and, finally, to the canvas. He died at a nearby hospital. The cause of death was cardiac arrest, likely the result of a cervical stroke that occurred when his neck was broken. He was 35.