JBL Reveals His Picks For Best Announcers Ever, Lana Responds To Gronk Leaving WWE Event, Finn Balor Featured On Sam Roberts Podcast (Video)


While doing a fan Q&A earlier today, WWE announcer John Bradshaw Layfield revealed his choices for favorite WWE announcers. 

JBL said his top announcers ever are Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole. 

Additionally, JBL said Heenan and Lawler would be the greatest color commentator ever; Michael Cole was JBL’s pick for the best he’s personally ever worked with. 


As noted, NFL star Rob Gronkowski was in attendance at tonight’s WWE live event in Providence, Rhode Island. 

After he apparently left during Rusev’s match, Lana posted the following comments on her Twitter account: 

Finn Balor 

The following video features a new video with NXT Champion Finn Balor talking to the Sam Roberts for the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. 

Balor talks to hosts Sam Roberts and Katie Linendoll about being a part of the NXT brand, using the “too sweet” gesture, the Young Bucks, his thoughts about Breaking Ground and much more: