New Day Hypes SD! On USA Network (Video), JR Blogs on Wrestle Kingdom 10, WWE Congratulates Mason Ryan, WWE Stock Down

New Day Hypes SD! On USA Network

The following video has been released, featuring The New Day hyping Smackdown’s move to USA Network:

WWE Congratulates Mason Ryan

As noted, former WWE star Mason Ryan has landed a job with Cirque du Soleil, and posted the following, congratulating Ryan:

“Former WWE Superstar Mason Ryan has revealed on Twitter that he has an incredible new job. The Welsh-born competitor announced that he has joined Cirque du Soleil’s “KÀ” as the chief archer. The performances can be seen at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Join the rest of the WWE Universe in congratulaing Ryan on his new endeavor.”

WWE Stock Down

WWE stock was down 1.29% today, closing at $17.61 per share.

JR Blogs on Wrestle Kingdom 10

In a new blog posted over at, JR offered the following thoughts on Wrestle Kingdom 10:

“Congrats to all involved wth Wrestle Kingdom 10 that took place in the Tokyo Dome on January 4. Two or three, incredible, match of the year level bouts. Happy that Kevin Kelly and Matt Striker called the show. The NJPW brand is arguably the best overall in ring product within the genre these days. Happy that we could introduce so many fans to the brand last year while promoting the PPV of Wrestle Kingdom 9.”

In related news, tickets for Jim Ross’ RINGSIDE show during Wrestlemania weekend are now on-sale over at Ticketmaster!