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Ronda Rousey Hosting Saturday Night Live, WWE Posts Backstage At Smackdown Photo Gallery

NBC has confirmed plans for Ronda Rousey hosting Saturday Night Live after the official SNL Twitter account posted a photo of the guest list for the first two shows of 2016. 

Rousey will host the show on January 23rd along with musical guest Selena Gomez; Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Adam Driver will host on January 16th along with musical guest Chris Stapleton. 

SNL has been hosted by other sports stars, including The Rock hosting the show four times, but Rousey is the first MMA fighter to host the show. 

Backstage At Smackdown posted a new gallery of backstage images from Smackdown’s history, showing several pre and post event photos of some of the biggest stars in WWE history. Click here to view the gallery.