Bill Goldberg On Whether Or Not He Will Be at TNA’s POP TV Debut

WZR Goldberg

WrestleZone Radio presents this exclusive interview with former WCW & WWE World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg.

During the interview Bill candidly talks about:

  • Working with Combat Crate to help benefit Wounded Warrior
  • His upcoming January 23rd appearance in Miami, FL for The Legends of Wrestling
  • The Nasty Boys’ Brian Knobs as a promoter
  • Getting back in to the ring last year for LoW and getting physical with Scott Steiner
  • How he views his future in professional wrestling
  • Sparring with King Mo in a couple of weeks down in Florida
  • King Mo’s pro wrestling ambitions
  • His upcoming film Check Point
  • His thoughts on pro wrestling journalist Bill Apter
  • Being a Jewish athlete
  • More…

You can listen to Bill’s comments about whether or not he will be on TNA’s debut episode of POP TV at the 12:01 minute mark in the embedded audio player below. Some of them have been transcribed underneath it:

On whether or not he will be on TNA’s debut episode of POP TV:

BG: I’ve been known to swerve people once or twice in my career. This is not the ultimate swerve. I am not telling you that I am going to show up on TV tonight. I’m here in Southern California. No. No. We got that movie Check Point coming out and Bram is a big part of TNA. At one point… well, I won’t even go in to that. Needless to say I am very happy for him to still be in the business because it provides a lot of guys the opportunity to make a living. 

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