Ray Flores Talks CM Punk’s First Fight, How Punk’s Training Is Going, Bobby Lashley As An MMA Draw, More

Yesterday HBO Boxing and ESPN 1000’s Ray Flores joined WrestleZone Daily. Ray has been a semi-regular on The Daily ever since it’s inception.

During his appearance this time he discusses:

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You can listen to Ray’s appearance starting at the 31:46 minute mark in the embedded audio player below. Some of his quotes have been transcribed below it:

On the announcement about CM Punk’s potential first fight and potential first opponent Mickey Gall:

RF: I think it’s about time to be honest with you Nick. It’s nice to see that Punk actually has an adversary that is potentially lined up. Now I am thinking maybe if the timing is right, potentially, July. You have to do something big with UFC 200 and CM Punk is at the top of the list. We know that Ronda Rousey is out because she will not be fighting on that card. Depending on what happens with Conor McGregor and Rafael Dos Anjos then we will maybe see McGregor headline that. They need someone big to headline that show. McGregor is the guy. CM Punk could be the good co-feature or one of the enticing bouts on the PPV. I think that if McGregor is able to defeat Dos Anjos… which, I don’t like the fight. I think we will see CM Punk at UFC 200 in July.

On what he is hearing about how CM Punk is growing as a fighter:

RF: I heard he’s really developing. One of his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coaches, Daniel Wanderley, I know quite well. I’ve known Wanderley for over half a decade. Wanderley just exudes the praises of CM Punk for what he is able to do. How much he is learning and growing as a fighter. When you hear that out of Daniel Wanderley who is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt under the late great Carlson Gracie Sr. that speaks volumes. Duke Roufus who I think is one of the best strategists in the world of mixed martial arts. The head coach of Anthony Pettis the former Lightweight Champion of the World. I really do take in to account what they are saying. I take it with the utmost respect. Duke Roufus isn’t going to say anything or put his name on the line if he thinks you’re a joke or if he doesn’t think you’re ready. When Duke says something… he means it. He’s from Milwaukee. He’s a midwestern boy is Duke Roufus. He’s very much what you see is what you get. Roufus does not pull any punches from a verbal stand point. If they say CM Punk is growing and he’s ready to go then I believe him. 

On whether he thinks Bobby Lashley is growing in to a draw in the world of MMA: 

RF: He is. He is with Bellator and he’s… look at him. He’s with the right people. Viacom has a lot of money. He has grown finally. It may have taken a little while but he’s growing as a fighter. He’s becoming a guy that you want to check him out. You really want to see how far he can push this. I think that he departed the WWE too early. If he would have been there maybe another year or two he would have had a lot more main stream attention. I think that was why it’s not gaining as much publicity as, say, someone like CM Punk. Let’s be honest guys, it’s very rare where guys make themselves household names and are able to draw the casual sports fan in. For them the WWE is where it’s at. With Lashley I think he can be a formidable fighter but I don’t think he’s that big of a name to be able to draw in the casual sports fan like a CM Punk.

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