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WWE Live Event Results (1/16): New Delhi, India; Reigns vs Rusev Title Match, NXT Rookies In-Action, Ryback vs Wyatt and More

WWE Live India (Day 2)

Venue: IGI Stadium, New Delhi, India

January 16, 2016.

Written & Summarized by: Abhishek Aneja and Gaurang Mehra.

* Before the official show started, there were Loud ‘Undertaker’, ‘CM Punk’, ‘Cena Sucks’ and ‘Daniel Bryan’ chants heard in the stadium.


First official match:

* Kane def. Big Show via pinfall hitting a chokeslam on Show seated on the top rope.

Some fans were heard chanting ‘Please Retire’ for Big Show.

When Kane got back to the gorilla position, and Show was still in the ring down lying on the mat, the ref COVERED Show for a 2 count and Show shoved the ref to the outside which got a big pop. A fun moment for the crowd.

* Lovepreet Sangha (Kishan Raftaar) def. Chad Gable via DQ when Jason Jordan who lost to Kishan last night, interfered.

Satender (Jeet Rama) came to the aid of Kishan while Gable/Jordan retreated to the outside.

A tag team match is set after Kishan got the mic and provoked and talked them into the match in which:

* Kishan Raftaar & Jeet Rama (Team India) def. Jason Jordan & Chad Gable (American Alpha) via Submission when both the Indian Lads had Gable/Jordan in a deep Boston Crab submission move in the ring at the same time.

* Divas Title: Charlotte def. Summer Rae.

It was a very good match.

Here, Summer Rae brought her ‘A Game’ and played the Babyface. A very good performance by her and I hope if she is given more in-ring time, she can be a good addition to the Divas Division in the main roster.

Crowd was 70:30 in the beginning in favor of Charlotte which turned into 60:40 in favor of Summer Rae.

* Ryback def. Bray Wyatt via pinfall hitting the Shell Shocked on Wyatt.

Huge pop for Ryback. Lots of ‘Feed Me More’ chants; and in contrast some Pro Wyatt chants. A good match.

* Darren Young def. Tyler Breeze via pinfall with a rollup within seconds and afterwards Tyler complained that he was not ready.

Then came, the second member of The Prime Time Players Team to face Breeze.

* Titus O’ Neil def. Tyler Breeze via pinfall with the Clash of Titus within a minute.

I was hugely disappointed with the usage of Breeze after a stellar bout last night with Dolph Ziggler.

* 6 Man Tag Team Match:

The Usos and Dolph Ziggler def. The New Day via pinfall with a triple superkick from The Usos & Ziggler on Xavier Woods.

This bout was energetic, many aerial moves and the best match of the night.

The New Day were entertaining as hell from their entrance itself. Xavier with his trombone and Big E and Kofi with their killer dance moves and shenanigans throughout the match. The crowd reciprocated the energy of the match and were hugely invested in it.

Lots of New Day Sucks/Rocks chants. And Ziggler was by far the most ‘over’ guy in the stadium.

* WWE World Title: Roman Reigns def. Rusev via pinfall after hitting a Superman Punch followed by a Spear.

Roman Reigns recieved a huge pop on his entrance. At one point of the match Rusev was favouring his taped knee and the Ref checked on him but being the HEEL he was ‘faking it’ and hit Roman outta nowhere. A ref bump spot was there too. But like any other match, Roman won like a Superhero.

Many Pro-Rusev chants & We Want Lana chants were heard too.

After the match, Roman Reigns thanked the crowd and said that he insisted on making tonight’s bout for The World Title. And he appreciated and thanked the people of India for the hospitality and love for the WWE as the event went to a close.


* It was an electric atmosphere throughout the show. Lots of crowd interaction. And even the HEELS got the well deserved support from many people in the crowd for their performance and effort.