Backstage News On Why Josh Bredl Caught So Much Heat On Social Media, Chex Mix Is Bringing The Best Day Ever! (Video)

WWE_Tough_Enough_socialJosh Bredl is reporting the reason WWE Tough Enough winner Josh Bredl caught so much heat on social media was because his “social jobbers” dig was seen as a completely disrespectful remark. 

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Bredl, now known as Bronson Mathews in NXT, didn’t catch any heat for using an “insider term” in the insult, but it was because of his lack of respect for those who have main roster spots and worked so hard to get there. The feeling is all of the members of the “Social Outcasts” stable that Bredl ripped earned their place and made sacrifices, while Bredl won a contract on Tough Enough and had no experience in wrestling, and didn’t have the right to make such comments.

Chex Mix 

WWE posted the following teaser videos for a new campaign sponsored by Chex Mix that will air on Sunday during the WWE Royal Rumble. 

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