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Update: The Latest On Jim Ross’ Deal With NJPW & AXS TV; Will He Be Calling Live NJPW Events?

Jim Ross Deal With AXS TV-NJPW


Jim Ross signing on to be the lead announcer for NJPW on AXS TV means that he will just be doing English-language commentary for NJPW events currently on He will not be doing announcing for live NJPW events.

It looks like Kevin Kelly will continue to be the lead announcer for the English-language commentary for live events streamed on The next live event to be streamed on the platform will be 2016’s Wrestling Dontaku event that looks to be called by Kevin Kelly and Matt Striker.

Jim Ross’ deal is with AXS TV directly and not with NJPW. As of now the plan is just to have Ross do commentary alongside Josh Barnett over the NJPW tapes that AXS TV has acquired the rights to. As of this writing that is the extent of Ross’ relationship with both NJPW and AXS TV.