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Bushwhacker Luke Talks Bushwackers Never Winning WWE Gold, the Current State of Tag Teams, New Day, Roman Reigns’ Push, More

WWE Hall of Famer Bushwhacker Luke recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet ahead of today’s Legends of Wrestling event at Miccosukee Resort and Gaming in Miami, and below are some interview highlights. You can check out the full interview in the video player below:

On The Bushwhackers never winning a Championship in WWE:

“We were characters. Why do characters need to carry belts around? It’s like [Hacksaw Jim] Duggan. He has the 2×4 and the eye and the “woah”. We were The Bushwhackers, we were sort of the comedy team. The card is loaded with different things: girls, titles, and different characters. And we entertained from the kids to the grandparents with a bit of a ‘ha ha’ and a ‘hee hee’.”

On the current landscape of tag teams in WWE:

“Today Vince puts them together, or the WWE puts them together. In our era, they were tag teams and they came in together from different promotions… today, God bless them they are great athletes and they’ve got great bodies, they can wrestle but the characters are missing.”

On The New Day:

“They were pushing them right up on top, well they were eating up time to me. They’re great athletes and great talent and that but the position they were giving them at the front of the show is not right. You’re trying to draw money. You don’t put that there. You feed that down into the card. They were opening Monday Night Raw for a few weeks. And to me, I’ve been in the back end of the business booking territories since 1983 and to me I wouldn’t have done that.”

On Roman Reigns’ push:

“They’re building up Roman Reigns but to me they have to build him and build him and build him and not whack him with Brock Lesnar straightaway. I think that wouldn’t do him justice. Have him come out at WrestleMania against a formidable partner. Bring someone in with a big name and let him get another victory. Build him up. Build him up to a pedestal. These days they start something at the start of the show and they blow it off at the end of the show. The old days they used to build it up for maybe three Pay Per Views and then blow it off so you build steam.”