Stampede Wrestling Legend Archie “The Mongolian Stomper” Gouldie Dies at Age 71

According to, Stampede Wrestling legend Archie “The Mongolian Stomper” Gouldie has died at the age of 71. Gouldie had been battling Alzheimer’s and recently fell, breaking his hip, and although he underwent hip replacement surgery he never recovered.

Gouldie was considered by many to be the greatest heel in Stampede Wrestling history and was actually one of Bret Hart’s favorite wrestlers when Hart was a kid.

In a funny story, Gouldie actually scared Bret as a kid when he once cut a promo threatening to destroy the Hart family house. Gouldie was feuding with Bret’s dad Stu Hart the time, and later in his career Bret actually wrestled Gouldie and considered him to be one of the best of his time.

You can check out match footage of Gouldie in the video player below: