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Stephen Amell Issues New Challenge To Stardust, Who Won Last Night’s Rap Battle, Top 10 RAW Moments (Video)

Stephen Amell

Arrow actor Stephen Amell issued another challenge to WWE Superstar Stardust, this time saying he would auction off his WWE Slammy Award to benefit Drax Shadow, only Stardust has to give it back first.

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Drax Shadow is the ‘alter ego’ of WWE fan Elijah Mainville, who is battling stage 4 cancer. Mainville appeared on WWE RAW in August 2015 to sign a honorary WWE contract; Amell posted the following Tweets: 

Bo Rida

WWE has a new poll asking who won last night’s rap battle on WWE RAW between hip-hop star Flo Rida and Social Outcast member Bo Dallas (aka ‘Bo Rida’). With more than three-quarters of the vote, Bo is currently winning the poll. 

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Top Ten WWE RAW Moments 

The following video is this week’s Top Ten WWE RAW moments, featuring The Rock’s return, AJ Styles’ RAW debut, the Authority revealing the Fastlane main event, and much more: