Mr. 450 Comments On Facing Rey Mysterio, The WWC Fan Who Attacked Del Rio, His Future In WWE NXT, More

WZD 450

This past Wednesday The Chicago Wrestling Rebellion on WLPN 105.5 FM Chicago (Lumpen Radio) featured an interview with WWC Universal Champion Mr. 450. The roughly ten minute interview was then replayed on WrestleZone Daily the following morning.

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During the interview Mr. 450 chats candidly about:

  • Working for AAA the last few months
  • His upcoming WWC Universal Champion title defense on February 27th against Rey Mysterio
  • Alberto Del Rio’s altercation with a fan in WWC during his recent match against Ray Gonzalez
  • His thoughts on his friend Kalisto as the WWE US Champion
  • Whether or not fans can expect to see him back in WWE NXT
  • More…

You can find the full audio from Mr. 450’s interview in the embedded audio players below, some of his quotes have been transcribed below them:

The Chicago Wrestling Rebellion 1.27.16 (Interview begins at 1:32:38 minute mark)

WrestleZone Daily 1.28.16 (Interview begins at the 1:06.16 minute mark)

On how it feels to be defending his WWC Universal Championship against Rey Mysterio Jr. on February 27th at WWC’s event La Hora de la Verdad (Moment of Truth):


Mr. 450: It’s pretty cool. The last time he was down there was, I believe, 2001. 2001 was the last time he was down there. That was right before he went to WWE. He won the Junior Heavyweight Championship in Puerto Rico. He did a bunch of stuff down in Puerto Rico before he went to WWE. It feels super cool because a bunch of guy in the business, like myself, were inspired by his work. The fact that he was a smaller guy in a big man’s world. He was able to overcome all of these boundaries and he was such a small guy. Just being able to work a guy like that and doing it at home where it all started is even cooler. I get to represent my people. Doing it in front of my family and friends. It all comes full circle in terms of the fact that he was a big inspiration to me and now I get to wrestle him in one of the biggest main events in Puerto Rican wrestling history. It feels awesome. 

On the incident in WWC recently where then WWE US Champion Alberto Del Rio was facing Ray Gonzalez and got attacked by a fan:

Mr. 450: The thing is Puerto Rican wrestling, man, people still really, really believe in wrestling down there. They still really think it’s real! The way WWC has always worked is that they like to play with people’s hearts. Play with their emotions. Tug on those heart strings. The way they setup that storyline with Del Rio beating up Gonzalez’ kid in Texas. Anybody can identify with that. Even if you don’t have kids. You can identify with somebody beating up your family member. He’s not only doing that he’s also bad mouthing the people of Puerto Rico. Saying how they’re not as good of athletes as Mexicans. It was this whole Mexico vs Puerto Rico thing. It was one of the last matches. People have a couple of beers in them and he has so much heat. I don’t think he even realized how much heat he had. He got too close to one of the fans and this guy tried to grab him. It became pandemonium. Del Rio ripped his mask off. It was nuts. Puerto Rican wrestling.., that’s how it is. People really, really get in to the story and they really want to kill the bad guy. It was crazy to see just how much heat he got with Puerto Rican fans beating up this little kid. It was nuts.

On whether or not we will see him back in WWE NXT anytime soon:

Mr. 450: It’s funny, I got an email to go around November. I couldn’t make it because I was already down here in Mexico. I don’t want to say anything but soon something… you should see me pop up pretty soon. I’m not going to say exact dates because I don’t really know. I’ve been talking with people down there and I’m just focusing on what I am doing right now. Like always, I’m just going with the flow. Enjoying the ride. Triple A is super awesome to me. Doing the stuff in Puerto Rico is awesome. Hopefully pretty soon this year I’ll be back in NXT doing some stuff. Representing the people from Puerto Rico and all my nerds with the Saiyan gimmick. We’ll see what happens. 

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