WWE Tough Enough Competitor Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Show Details, Which Elements of the Show Are Scripted?, WWE Favorites, More

wwe tough enough

WWE Tough Enough contestant Tanner Saraceno spent time with Dave Meltzer at Friday’s World MMA Awards, and in a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer said Saraceno divulged several behind-the-scenes details about the show.

As for the interviews conducted with the cast on Tough Enough, Saraceno admitted they are entirely scripted, and he even noted he had to reshoot interviews numerous times because there was a term WWE producers needed to make sure he said in the interview.

As for the winners of the show, WWE officials were pushing for Josh to win the show from the beginning, and they would even show footage of Josh performing well, and leave out footage of other cast members performing the same thing as well or better than Josh.

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As for his future, WWE informed Saraceno that they would not be hiring him after Tough Enough, and that they wanted him to go make a name for himself in MMA first. Saraceno will be making his pro MMA debut next month.