AJ Styles Reveals How He Kept His WWE Debut A Secret, Steve Austin Talks Brewing Beer On Fox News (Video)

aj styles
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AJ Styles 

As noted, AJ Styles was one of the featured guests on Talk is Jericho with Chris Jericho this past week. 

AJ Styles talked about his WWE debut a bit, and mentioned how WWE really worked to keep his WWE Royal Rumble apperance a secret. Styles says WWE flew him into Tampa instead of Orlando, and he was kept out of sight for most of the day. He says when he was finally brought to the venue, he was told to duck in the backseat of the car so no one could see him. Styles also mentioned he only found out about his Rumble debut a few days prior, and didn’t actually meet Triple H in person until that day. He says he wasn’t sure how he would be received by the WWE fans, and had hoped they knew who he was. 

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Steve Austin

FOX News has a new video featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin talking about life after wrestling, and what led him to start brewing his own craft beer and working with El Segundo Brewing Company: