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Stephen Amell Returning to a WWE Ring?, Gabe Sapolsky Talks Daniel Bryan, Reveals Bryan’s Idea for EVOLVE, New Eva Marie Video

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Stephen Amell Returning to a WWE Ring?

As they prepare to shoot an angle at the Dallas Comic Con this weekend, Stardust revealed on Twitter that actor Stephen Amell is getting back into ring shape. Amell and Stardust have been furthering their 2015 feud for quite sometime, and it’s being rumored it’s all leading up to a singles match between Stardust and Amell.

Gabe Sapolsky Talks Daniel Bryan

WWN Live has issued the following:

Today we celebrate Daniel Bryan and the contribution he made by naming EVOLVE. We also have news on talent for upcoming EVOLVE events, a look at tonight’s FIP live iPPV lineup and more. Let’s get to it….

February 12th: Thank you Daniel Bryan for everything you’ve given us. In 2009, Bryan and EVOLVE Co-Founder Gabe Sapolsky were in talks to start a new promotion that would take pro wrestling in fresh direction. There were ideas being thrown around for a name when Bryan said, “I have an idea for a name and I kinda love it.”

“Ok, what is it,” Sapolsky responded.

“EVOLVE.” Bryan stated.

It was a magic moment. The name was perfect. Although Bryan signed with WWE before he could start with EVOLVE, he made his impact by giving the promotion its name. Thank you, Bryan. Your work and influence throughout wrestling is profound and will be studied for generations.

Eva Marie Attends Premiere

WWE Diva Eva Marie attended the “Unicorn Island” premiere this week for YouTube star Lilly Singh, and the following video has been posted: