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Steve Austin Says Wrestlemania 32 Is ‘Make Or Break’ For Roman Reigns, Jim Ross Narrates ‘The Hudson Haws Story’ (Video)

Steve Austin 

On a recent episode of the Steve Austin Show“Stone Cold” Steve Austin commented on how Roman Reigns has been booked so far, and talked about how he should be handled by WWE to get the best reaction from fans. 

Austin says Reigns needs a good run as a heel before the fans would accept him as a babyface, but says that’s up to the bookers to handle it. Additionally, Austin said Reigns would keep getting a big push because [Vince] has so much invested in him, but he could still push him as a heel and keep pushing him just as much. Austin said Wrestlemania 32 is ‘make or break time’ for Reigns, because he’s on such a big stage and it will take an amazing performance to come through against Triple H. 

Jim Ross 

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is featured on the following video, narrating a short clip titled ‘The Hudson Haws Story.’ 

Haws is a Bethany, Oklahoma high school football player that was seriously injured in a football game in October of 2015. Haws suffered a spinal cord injury, and it was later determined he suffered breaks in the C4 / C5 vertebrae, and an additional break in his lower back that has caused him to have no feeling from the chest down. The Hudson Haws Fund (HudFund) is currently raising money towards Haws’ medical bills and rehabilitation costs; click here for more information on how to contribute to the HudFund.