Rikishi On The Usos Success, Vince’s Sika Promo, His Big Hell In A Cell Fall, The Dudleyz Calling Him Out, More

Yesterday WrestleZone Radio released a new, exclusive interview with WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi.

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Rikishi’s appearance for WrestleZone Radio is presented by Territory League and the Knok X Pro Academy.

In this post you can find transcribed quotes from Rikishi’s interview covering:

  • The Usos Success
  • Vince McMahon’s recent RAW promo where he invoked Sika’s name
  • His big fall from Hell in a Cell at Armageddon 2000
  • His recent back and forth with Devon Dudley on Twitter

During the interview Rikishi speaks candidly about:

  • His promotion Territory League’s upcoming shows in Arlington, TX during the WrestleMania 32 weekend activities
  • The unique concepts that Territory League incorporates in to their product
  • His training style at his Knok X Pro Academy (KnokXPro.com)
  • The success of his sons The Usos
  • Vince McMahon’s RAW promo on Roman Reigns invoking Sika’s name
  • His big fall off the top of Hell in a Cell at Armageddon 2000 in a match against Kurt Angle, Undertaker, The Rock, Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • The back and forth he’s been having with Devon Dudley on Twitter and whether or not he’ll be involved in The Dudley Boyz storyline with his sons The Usos
  • More…

Transcribed quotes from Rikishi can be found on the next page.