John Morrison: “I’d Love to Wrestle Roman Reigns in 10 Years, Because By Then Hopefully He’d Figure Out How to Work”, More From Morrison

John Morrison has told The World According To Wrestling, a show that explores characters and storylines in wrestling, that he’d love to wrestle Roman Reigns in about ten years because “hopefully he’d have figured out how to work.” In the same interview he also joked that he’d love to beat the crap out of Seth Rollins and reignite a rivalry with his friend Joey Mercury in the future.

The comments came in an interview in which Morrison (now Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground) also talked about the live screen-testing of his character name in WWE, where he thinks the real revolution in women’s wrestling is happening, why his Johnny Nitro name was dropped, AJ Styles and the future of Lucha Underground after rumours of talks with WWE.

Below are some interview highlights:

On who he wants to wrestle in the future:

Well I’ve fought most them. Everyone knows some day I’m gonna beat the crap out of Seth Rollins – that would be awesome. I’d love to beat the crap out of him. I’d just love to have a great match with Seth Rollins. Roman Reigns, I’d love to wrestle him in like 10 years if he’s still wrestling, because by then hopefully he’d figure out how to work. It would be cool to wrestle Joey (Mercury) too, man, we wrestled a few times in OVW about 13 years ago but it’d be cool to wrestle him now just because so much has changed for both of us.

On the revolution in women’s wrestling:

I think if you’re talking about a “divas revolution”, Lucha Underground is the only show right now that’s really empowering their female characters in a way that makes them equal with the guys. It’s the only wrestling show to my knowledge where there’s not just a women match every once in a while, there’s intergender tags, there’s matches where men are wrestling women. And – if you ask anyone on the Lucha roster –that’s what they’ve always felt like they wanted. Anyone that’s been with WWE, there’s frustrations of feeling like you can only do so much. The women are told not to punch or to kick, to do power bombs and the power moves and none of that exists in Lucha Underground. So basically it presents the same canvas to the men and the women in Lucha and says “You have the tools, you know who you are, here’s the Lucha Underground canvas, paint the picture you want” instead of, in my opinion, WWE saying “here’s the WWE canvas but we only want you to use watercolours”. That’s the difference to me.

On why the name Johnny Nitro was dropped:

Well, I always liked “Johnny Blaze” but we announced in on TV and it was under copyright by Marvel. Then I had Johnny Spade and that name sucked, then I had Johnny Nitro. Johnny Nitro was one of my favourite names. I wish I was Johnny Nitro. I don’t think I ever needed to change but Vince didn’t like the name ‘Nitro’ because it reminded him of WCW so we picked John Morrison out of a hat one day… I don’t know if anyone would ever say that but that’s why, yeah.

On whether he thinks WWE and Lucha Underground could work together:

I don’t know. I will say that if you look at wrestling historically that shit happens all the time and everybody – especially the wrestlers in all the organisations 0 always says like “Never, No, Never” because there’s no way Lucha Underground could work with WWE or TNA would work with AAA or New Japan. It’s always such a shock when it happens but historically speaking it always happens so, in that respect, I have no idea. Lucha Underground is a brand new organization. We’re in our infancy and we’re expanding and people are recognising me as Johnny Mundo as opposed to John Morrison so it’s gonna be interesting to see how much the future holds for Lucha Underground, how it fits into the wrestling world.

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