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The Hardy Boys Talk Jeff Returning From Injury to Face Eric Young, Original TNA Plans Before Jeff’s Injury, “Big Money Matt” and More

TNA stars The Hardy Boys recently spoke with Pollo Del Mar of The Huffington Post, and below are some interview highlights:

Matt and Jeff Hardy on original plans in TNA prior to Jeff’s injury:

“It was supposed to be a really special reunion, with my brother and me getting a run with the tag belts,” Matt confirmed during a separate telephone interview two months ago. “His accident obviously changed all that.”

“Getting hurt outside the ring was such a bad thing,” admitted Jeff. “I let so many people down. I hurt TNA by doing that.”

Jeff on returning from injury to face Eric Young in a grudge match on Impact Wrestling:

“He’s so insane and does crazy things so well. I’m pretty much the same, I just don’t express myself in that manner,” said Hardy of Young, who he’s never faced one-on-one. “It’s crazy vs. crazy; I think I’m the good side of that crazy. I’m looking forward to it.”

Jeff on Matt’s new “Big Money Matt” persona:

“The ‘Big Money’ Matt thing is definitely an extension of who he is,” said Jeff, a three time TNA World champion himself. “I think he is better than he’s ever been, and I’m proud to see him as World champion.”