Sting Retiring: What is His Legacy and What is His WWE Future?

(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)
(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)
This first segment of Chair Shot Reality this weekend talks Sting retiring. Discussion about this—what it means for his legacy and WWE future. Here’s some highlights of the conversation:

Brian Gulish:

He got his shot, had his WrestleMania moment. I’m not disappointed, I’m happy. It’s over. End of a career. It’s time to move on. For everyone who thought they would see Undertaker versus Sting, you really didn’t want to see Undertaker versus Sting at this point in their careers. Be happy with what you got, I know I am. You’re still going to see him, just not in a wrestling capacity. Kudos to a great career.

Josh Isenberg:

Let’s play devil’s advocate and think what could have been if Sting hadn’t wasted so many years in TNA. I give him all the kudos for not jumping like every other person and walking to the beat of his own drum. What could have been with Sting, maybe not in his prime, but he had some great matches with Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe. A lot of great talents. He had an excellent moment at WrestleMania, I just wish he 1 or 2 more years where he could have developed a really good run with the big company.

Justin LaBar:

That WrestleMania moment is the difference of him being where he is and not being with the Goldberg’s and DDP’s of disappoint runs. That moment with the NWO and DX, even though he lost the match but that doesn’t really matter, that moment of a positive WrestleMania moment is what keeps him where he is. If he didn’t have that moment, he is right there with Goldberg and DDP who had big splashes with their WWE debuts and then crapping the bed. Goldberg’s WrestleMania moment is getting boos and flicked off by an entire New York City crowd.