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Robin Christensen-Roussimoff Talks About Her Father Andre The Giant, WWE’s Memorial Battle Royal, The Big Show As Andre’s Son In WCW, More

WrestleZone Radio is proud to present this exclusive interview with the daughter of Andre The Giant, Robin Christensen-Roussimoff.

You can find some transcribed quotes from Robin’s interview, as well as more details about it below.

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On her relationship with her father as a child:

RCR: I was not on the road with my Dad. If anything, he had me as far away from that industry as possible. We unfortunately did not have that great of a relationship. Mostly because he was on the road so much. I think it came to like 298 days out of the year in his prime. Like a lot of people in that industry he led a very gypsy like lifestyle. He lived out of a suitcase. Because of that we never really got a chance to form a relationship.

On whether she views WWE’s annual WrestleMania Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal as a fitting tribute to her Dad:

RCR: Definitely. It’s totally fitting. I wish I could have been there for the first one but unfortunately that didn’t happen. It’s completely fitting. I heard about it and I said, “Yeah, that makes sense.”

Andre the Giant

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On The Big Show, being portrayed as Andre’s son and her sister when he debuted in WCW, Robin says:

RCR: I wasn’t thrilled (laughs). That was definitely a gimmick. It wasn’t exactly the greatest gimmick because, you know, he doesn’t have a son. I realized it was a gimmick and later on down the road Paul definitely stepped up and said, “No, I am not his son.” It was right after his own father passed away I believe. It was a selling point. That’s all.

Full Interview about Andre the Giant – Highlights

  • Andre being on the road most of her childhood
  • Not being able to form a relationship with her father because of his busy schedule
  • Going to watch her Dad’s matches when he was in town
  • Which wrestlers she was friendly with backstage when she would go see her Dad in shows
  • Andre’s relationship with Earl Hebner
  • Whether wrestlers deserve an off season
  • Catching up on her Dad’s career via Youtube
  • Robin’s relationship with Andre’s The Princess Bride co-star Cary Elwes
  • Robin’s thoughts on people making Andre out to be a mythical figure
  • A memorable Andre story she was recently told by a former stewardess about her Dad
  • The only time she’s ever met Hulk Hogan
  • Whether or not she is happy she wasn’t brought up in the pro wrestling business
  • If she is a giant like her Dad
  • Her thoughts on the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
  • The Big Show’s work ethic
  • The Big Show originally billing himself as the son of Andre The Giant
  • Her thoughts on how big the business of pro wrestling has gotten
  • How she found out that Samuel Beckett used to drive Andre around as a child
  • How her relationship with Lion Forge Comics came about and the creation of a graphic novel about Andre
  • Her personal love for comic books
  • More…

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