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WWE Star Pulled From Andre the Giant Battle Royal?, Paul Heyman Blogs About Dean Ambrose, WWE Network Airing DVD First-Look

WWE Network Airing New DVD First-Look

A first look at WWE’s upcoming “Straight Outta Dudleyville – The Legacy of The Dudley Boyz” DVD and Blu-ray will air on the WWE Network next Thursday at 5pm EST.

Paul Heyman Blogs About Dean Ambrose

In his latest “Heyman Hustle” blog for Yahoo, Paul Heyman had the following to say about Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania 32:

“I will say that Dean Ambrose will emerge from WrestleMania a far bigger superstar than he is at this moment, and he’s already one of the most popular WWE superstars in the entire world. The 100,000 fans attending WrestleMania live (and those watching on the WWE Network) will marvel at the balls it took for Dean Ambrose to face the beating he’s guaranteed to receive at the hands of Brock Lesnar. The WWE universe will applaud Dean Ambrose and shower him with respect, admiration and adulation after witnessing their hero being taken to Suplex City, all in a slow evil torturous process leading up to the F5. I can’t think of a better way for Dean Ambrose to connect with people across the globe than for him to valiantly walk into a battle he himself knows is fait accompli.”

WWE Star Pulled From Andre the Giant Battle Royal?

According to a recent graphic Tweeted by Goldust, it appears as if Mark Henry has been pulled from the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Match at WrestleMania 32: