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Dolph Ziggler Talks Countdown, Getting Advice From John Cena & The Rock, What’s One Of His Favorite Films?

Dolph Ziggler recently spoke with Get More Sports‘ Lisa Iannucci while promoting the new WWE Studios film Countdown. 

Dolph talks about how he found out about the film and what type of role he’d be playing, talking to other WWE Superstars turned actors for advice, and more. You can read a few excerpts below: 

Dolph Ziggler comments on his role in Countdown: 

“When they presented it to me they told me the idea of the movie and that it’s a down-and-out, going-through-some-hard-times cop. Whether that’s actually part of me or not, there are a lot of similarities in the character and myself. I immediately said yes, this will be a fun project.”

Dolph Ziggler talks about how he prepared for the role: 

“Of course, anything I do I want to be the best. I know that’s not easy to do, even in wrestling, but I told them that if they thought I could do it then I’m going to go 24 hours a day until we do it. I was going to make this just like any match that I have where everything I have will go into the character.”

Dolph talks about getting advice from John Cena and The Rock: 

“A lot of times John and I, when it comes to wrestling or sports entertainment, don’t always see eye to eye, but it’s also great to have someone whose been through that attitude era and we get to talk about his movies and getting better at wrestling. It’s very motivational because it’s all positive and they’ve been through it all. Those guys going through it is only good for all of us and just gives us a chance to get our foot in the door.”

What is one of Ziggler’s favorite movies? 

Fletch is still one of my favorite movies now. I’m a big reader so I found the 1970s detective series Fletch (by Gregory Mcdonald) and it’s really good. I can relate in a lot of situations to Chevy Chase being in those situations and always having a quick comeback or being quick at a drop of a hat and always being one step ahead of people. Anything that’s smart and funny and makes you think is so attractive to me. I enjoy watching it and I’ll research stuff instead of watching something that I think is dumb.”