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Kane Talks His “Countdown” Character, Ziggler Taking a Beanbag Shot to the Groin, Says He Wants to Do a Comedy with Daniel Bryan

WWE star Kane recently spoke with Joshua Caudill of CraveOnline.com to promote his new WWE Studios movie “Countdown”, and below are some interview highlights:

CraveOnline: What can you tell us about your character in Countdown?

Kane: It’s Lieutenant Stanley Cronin. He’s a police detective looking forward to retirement at this point in his career. I think he’s a little jaded because he’s been around a long time but I think probably earlier in his career, he lived by the book and tried to get the job done. Now, of course, Dolph Ziggler’s character, Ray, is probably a lot like Cronin was earlier in his career but because Ray is the way he is, he causes Cronin a lot of aggravation. Deep down Cronin really likes Ray but because all of the problems he causes, he gets really tired of Ray’s antics.

CraveOnline: Did you have any favorite moments from the set of Countdown?

Kane: Yeah, there’s this scene, where I am shooting Dolph with a shotgun with beanbags. He tried to escape and jumps over the railing and jumps on to a guy who’s cleaning the windows in the inside of the building and that’s how he escapes. He goes down 10 stories or whatever. This was retribution because earlier I had caught Dolph’s character and had him up against the wall and he kicks me in the groin to get away. As retribution, I shoot him in the groin with the beanbag shotgun. They’re presenting this scene to us and I’m looking at Dolph and saying ‘this is going to be really bad.’

They bring the stunt guys out with the apparatus and it’s essentially a shotgun but all of the guts have been taken out of it and it’s powered by air and they put this beanbag in it and it looks like it is going 3 miles per hour. It’s barely moving so we all thought it wouldn’t do anything. I didn’t shoot the beanbags but the stunt guys did. They put a cup on Dolph and some protection on him like a catcher’s vest. [Laughs] I’ll be darned, when the guy shot the beanbag into his groin, it looked like it was a tomahawk missile. Of course, when the movie was all edited together with the cuts and everything, it looks great. I think that will be one of the scenes that people remember the most from the movie.

CraveOnline: If you could work on a movie with another member of the WWE roster, who would it be?

Kane: I would want to do a comedy with Daniel Bryan. I think that would be killer.

Speaking of Daniel Bryan, what were your feeling during his retirement speech since you were very close to him?

It’s one of those things where on two different levels, as a fan of WWE it’s tragic because you’re not going to see a person perform anymore when they’re in the prime of their career. On a personal level, it’s bittersweet because again, Bryan Danielson [Daniel Bryan] is very passionate and that was his dream, to be in the big leagues and to be an international superstar. He achieved it but unfortunately it was cut short and he didn’t live it as much as he wanted to but on the other hand, you knew it was really best for him as a human being.

When he said that nice stuff about me in that promo, that was where I was like ‘I can’t watch this anymore’ because I don’t like having those sort of emotions [laughs]. It was mostly bittersweet.