Reaction to Triple H’s Thoughts On Chyna, What Happens Now That Bray Wyatt Is Injured?

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Triple H On Chyna

Shane Shoemaker wrote a blog on Triple H’s thoughts on Chyna. Here’s an excerpt:

Wrestling for different promotions, mixed with drug abuse issues, bad-mouthing her former employer and the people who run it — namely her ex lover — and a career in pornography — it seemed (and would reign true now) that Chyna would never grace any sort of WWE canvas again.

And are all those reasons why? Who hasn’t wrestled for other promotions, bad-mouthed the company at one point, or, well, enter into some sort of pornography. That last one has a rather short list, however.

It’s two things that kept Chyna out of the WWE, though. Yes, I do believe her pornography career did have a major deal to do with it, but not as much as what Triple H lead onto in the podcast. The biggest issue is that she was heavily involved in a relationship with who is now an executive Vice President of talent in WWE and married to the chairman’s daughter. That is a wrestling storyline if I’ve ever heard one.

Although Triple H said, “There’s no beef on this side with anything, and I mean that 100%,” before he went into some vague details as to why Chyna may never be in the WWE hall of fame; if anything, this would be a most awkward situation. Think about it: there’s no other situation like this currently, if ever, in the company, at least to my knowledge.

Say if Dolph Ziggler later on marries a porn star, she becomes his on screen manager and years later they divorce, she comes back years later to enter the hall of fame; it doesn’t matter. That is unless Dolph Ziggler becomes a major on screen character the likes of Triple H and takes on a major corporate role as him…oh, and becomes related to the McMahon family. So, in that case, Dolph is gonna wait until he’s in his mid-50s for one of Triple H and Stephanie’s daughters to be of legal age, or Triple H dies and he marries Stephanie. Seriously, this story has to be that crazy for something like that to have any type of significance…especially Dolph Ziggler.

Anything so closely tied to the McMahon family, especially a son-in-law to the more than likely heir to the company, with his former drug abusive, porn star ex girlfriend has bad PR written all over it.

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Bray Wyatt Injured

This video of Chair Shot Reality talks Bray Wyatt being injured. Justin LaBar, Josh Isenberg and Vic Travagliante, play by play voice of House of Hardcore, talk what happens next for The Wyatt family.