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Jim Ross Blog: Chyna’s Alleged Use of Xanax and Ambien, Final WWE Payback Hype and This Week’s Raw, Shane – Stephanie Feud and More

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(Photo by Paul Redmond/WireImage)

A new Jim Ross blog has been posted over at JRsBarBQ.com and below are some interview highlights:

“I’d be curious to know how long Joanie Lauer was being prescribed Ambien and Xanax. Long term use of either is totally unadvisable. The extended use of Ambien can be especially destructive as I can attest. I talk much more about this matter regarding Chyna’s death last week on this week’s Ross Report podcast that features ROH COO Joe Koff.

Bravo to WWE TV for the terrific video tribute that they presented to honor Chyna on Monday Night Raw. I was honored that my voice made the edit for the highlight package.

Watched excepts of Monday Night RAW from Hartford, CT via DVR and found the broadcast to be what I perceive this Sunday’s WWE Payback event will resemble. That’s a sound, in ring presentation that will feature many yet to be established talents who can individually help their respective causes in Chicago Sunday night through their in ring performances.

In other words Payback will likely be long on steak and shorter on sizzle that perhaps other, recent major events on the WWE Network.

Enjoyed the Shane-Stephanie interaction and nothing on the show really blew their piece of business away IMO. I’m all for a departure of the villain authority figure role for a while and if that means Shane gets the eventual nod from Mr. McMahon, then so be it. That works for me.”