Jeff Jarrett Remembers His Good Housekeeping Match Against Chyna From No Mercy ’99, Talks Chyna’s Legacy, Gives GFW Updates, More

WrestleZone Radio is proud to present this exclusive interview with Global Force Wrestling Founder Jeff Jarrett

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On what his reaction was to the news that Chyna had passed away:

JJ: Sadness. Anyone who knew Joanie knew that she, like all of us but her’s were sometimes more extreme, just had her ups and downs. It’s been well documented. You can call them demons or however you want to label it. Chyna didn’t have an easy life. I don’t like to go there and discuss that because I just don’t think there is anything good to come out of it. What I do like to reflect on is the persona of Chyna. It was obviously very sad. There’s nothing more I can say that has not already been tweeted or posted on social media. All of it’s accurate. Breaking barriers down. Busting walls down. Trend setter. Everything that she brought to the table is so accurate. I just remember during that Attitude Era she was one of the individuals… she’s as important a member of DX as any of the guys that were in that. With the whole Attitude Era with Austin, Mick, The Rock and Chyna was one of those personas that just carried so much attitude.

On whether or not the Good Housekeeping Match with Chyna at No Mercy 1999 was meant to embarrass Jeff before he jumped back to WCW:

JJ: Not at all. Not at all. When you think about what’s the definition of a Good Housekeeping Match you sort of have to have to, “play by those set of rules.” In wrestling, when you say something like that, sometimes people can roll their eyes and sometimes people can dial in to it. I always go back to my saying, “Those who believe… no explanation is needed. Those who don’t believe… no explanation will do.” Especially at that time in the Attitude Era. If you’re going to have a Good Housekeeping match, what are the set of rules? Well, you can only win by using a household item. It worked and it made wrestling sense. If that makes sense.

On why he thinks fans still remember and talk about this particular match to this day:

JJ: You can almost say this with any match that’s memorable. Any movie that’s memorable. Any football game that’s memorable… it’s the build. The characters were clearly defined. We’ll use Peyton Manning. In his eighteen year career, with his bad neck and all the storylines that go with it. He left Indianapolis and went to the Denver Broncos. You can take any great movie. I don’t care if it’s one of the early Rocky’s, Shawshank Redemption, it doesn’t matter. It’s the build. It’s truly the build and the characters were clearly defined. Everyone knows where the pieces of the puzzle are and the audience gets to make up their mind on the emotional position they are going to take on it. That’s how sports and entertainment can be. Taking that fan on that roller coaster ride and knowing that exact emotion that they are feeling while watching it. That was the build. When we got to Cleveland that night. The arena was sold out and full. The business as a whole was red hot and the fans base was getting to see a match that was completely new. In the end, good overcame evil. That’s a pretty good recipe for success. 

In the full interview Jeff speaks candidly about:

  • GFW’s recent shows in Germany with WXW
  • The latest on AMPED and GFW’s TV plans
  • Whether or not he thinks Dixie Carter would ever be willing to give up control on TNA
  • The legacy that Chyna leaves behind in pro wrestling
  • His Good Housekeeping Match against Chyna at No Mercy 1999
  • All of the heat he built up with women going in to the match
  • Whether or not the match was meant to embarrass him before he jumped back to WCW
  • More…

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