WWE SmackDown Results (5/5) – The Samoan Dynasty Clashes With The Club, Miz/Zayn, Make Darren Young Great Again?

WWE Smackdown

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WWE Smackdown Results

May 5th, 2016

Report by Josh Lopez for Wrestlezone.com

Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel With Special Guests: Sami Zayn & The Miz 

Jericho first wants to address what happen to Dean Ambrose on this past Monday’s Raw. When Ambrose first started to tangle with Jericho, Ambrose thought he can be all whacky & loony, but when Jericho hit Ambrose in the back in the head with Mitch, the fun and games stopped there. Jericho says that it’s quite serious because Ambrose spent the night in a St. Louis hospital with contusions & whiplash effects, so Ambrose is not going to be there tonight. Ambrose is not going to run down the ramp and make a surprise appearance. Jericho doesn’t know when Ambrose is going to come back, but he might as well stay home. Jericho says that it’s a new era in the WWE, it’s the Chris Jericho Era. That’s right and tonight he’s going to give the entire WWE Universe, the gift of Jericho. He wants to get back to business and he introduces Sami Zayn. Jericho tells the crowd to quite down and he wants to take a look at what Sami Zayn did on this week’s Raw. Roll the clip monkeys. Even though Jericho’s friend, Kevin Owens, defeated Zayn at WWE Payback, Zayn still attacks Owens. Jericho calls Zayn a sore loser.

Then Zayn took Miz Intercontinental Championship even though it’s not his, Jericho calls Zayn a theft. Jericho wants to know what type of human being Sami Zayn is? Zayn thinks that he’s a pretty good guy. Zayn says that alot of people think that Jericho’s scarf looks stupid. Zayn has no problem with the fact he lost to Owens at Payback, his problem is what happen after the match. Zayn tells Jericho that Owens slapped him in the face and threw him out of the ring like a piece of trash. Zayn says that when you treat him like that, he’s not going away anytime soon. As far Zayn grabbing the Intercontinental Title is concern, he’s interrupted by The Miz & Maryse. Jericho tells Miz that this is not Miz TV, so he’s not allowed to interrupt him. Miz tells Jericho that his show can wait. Miz says that he’s the only person that’s worthy of holding that championship over his shoulder. Miz gets where Zayn is coming from, he road Owens coat tails to come to the WWE and now he wants to ride Miz’s coat tails. Miz calls Zayn the coat tail rider of the WWE. Miz was about to give Zayn a warning about touching his championship, then Zayn starts poking at it.

Jericho tells Miz that if someone touched his $15,000 jacket in the way Zayn touched Miz’s title, he would do something about it. Zayn asks Jericho if he really spent $15,000 dollars to become a walking christmas tree. Jericho snaps and tells Miz & Zayn to continue on with their own conversation. Jericho flips the chairs and walks out of the ring. Zayn says that takes care of one jackass. Miz says that Zayn has no respect. Miz asks Zayn if he thinks he’s special? Miz says that just because Zayn is one of the new stars in the new era of the WWE, doesn’t make him special. Miz says that Zayn has been swimming in kiddie pools, while he’s been in the WWE for the last 11 years swimming with the biggest fish the WWE has to offer. Miz says that there’s a reason why he’s the Intercontinental Champion. Miz tells Zayn that if he doesn’t show him the respect he deserves in the ring or in the locker room, he’ll have to deal with the biggest shark in the WWE. Zayn touches the title again and tells Miz to let’s have a swim. Maryse says that her husband is going to Zayn a lesson. Zayn says that’s a great idea. He & Miz are here right now in Kansas City, so let’s get this party started. Miz rolls out of the ring.