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Jim Ross Blog: JR Reviews Global Wars, Talks Recent WWE Cuts, Why Extreme Rules Challenges Creative

Jim Ross posted his latest blog on his JR’s Bar-B-Q website, talking about this weekend’s Ring of Honor Global Wars PPV, the recent WWE talent releases, and more. You can read some highlights below: 

Jim Ross comments on ROH’s Global Wars production: 

Enjoyed the ROH PPV Global Wars Sunday night from Chicago but it was one of the most unique PPV’s I’ve watched on TV as it relates to fan reaction throughout the broadcast. The live audience was enthusiastic, at times, without fail but they also sat in silence occasionally when there was solid action going on in the ring. What am I missing here? Why stretches of silence when there was wrestling going on in the ring? The countless high spots and big bumps received obligatory reactions but basic wrestling, when it occurred, did not seem to resonate with the crowd or was it there and we viewers at home simply did not hear it?

Based on watching the PPV, which I did using our @FITETV App which was splendid by the way, I’d suggest that ROH add one more camera and better mic the crowd if budgets allow such. There were some missed camera shots during the show that may have been the result of the director having a challenging night, of which we’ve all had, or the fact that there weren’t enough cameras to adequately cover the action.

JR calls Kyle O’Reilly an underrated talent: 

IWGP Champion Tetsuya Naito vs Kyle O’Reilly was slow to start but gained great steam leading into the finish and the post match cheap shot by Naito on O’Reilly which helped complete the storytelling and better established Naito as a villain. O’Reilly is drastically underrated to the masses in my opinion.  The build/positioning for Naito was that of the defiant superstar ala Stone Cole back in the day. I’m not sure that the Naito persona can approach the Austin level but I get what it being attempted. Naito is a top hand who’s best days are still to come.

JR comments on Adam Cole joining Bullet Club:

I was really looking forward to the  Colt Cabana vs Jay Lethal bout for the ROH Title and enjoyed their match a great deal while it lasted and before the massive run in by the Bullet Club and their new member Adam Cole.  I’m not an advocate of interrupting the main event of a PPV to shoot an angle and then not having an outcome to the advertised main event/Title Bout. The massive run in by the Bullet Club felt a great deal like a nWo angle but that’s not a bad thing but it won’t stand out as an original concept if that happens to be important to you. It felt like the angle worked but time will tell if that is the case. This finish wa sa bold move to close the PPV while supplanting the main event by and large.

I do feel that Adam Cole is a perfect fit to be in the Bullet Club and I’m a big fan of Adam’s work. The promos from the revised Bullet Club will go miles in determining if this faction will ‘get over’ in ROH as villains. This new Bullet Club should facilitate some interesting, ROH TV. 

The recent WWE talent cuts: 

WWE had a series of talent releases last week with more rumored to be on the way. This is not unusual and should, arguably, happen more often than it does. I do know this, when one door closes in our lives, whether it be in the wrestling biz or not, that other doors do open if one has their head up looking for the next ‘opportunity.’ However, if one goes the “poor me” route with eyes to the floor then the rebound likely won’t be as positive. 

Wrestling fans love ‘new’ stars and fresh talents who want to be stars and always have and likely always will. Smart promotions should have a systematic, roll out structure to introduce new talents in the best way conceivable to give all a better chance of resonating on their first appearances.   

JR comments on WWE Extreme Rules presenting a creative challenge: 

WWE Extreme Rules PPV is rapidly approaching and I’m under the mindset that this is one of the more creatively challenging major events that WWE reproduces annually. Why? It’s hard to maintain a PG product in an extreme rules format where there is rarely no blood utilized as a dramatic effect while using so many props as ‘weapons’ in many of the bouts. Plus, one would assume that after enduring an extreme rules match that many talents would then be absent from the ensuring RAW to ‘recover’ but it doesn’t seem that occurs often enough.