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Kane Talks About Possibly Running For Mayor, Why He Would Make A Good Candidate (Video)

Glen Jacobs, aka WWE Superstar Kane, recently spoke with WBIR.com about a possible run for mayor in Knox County / Knoxville, Tennessee where he resides. 

Kane says he has given it thought, and talks about what would make him a good candidate and why he loves his community. You can read some highlights and watch the interview in the player below: 

Kane comments on possibly running for mayor: 

“Yes, I’ve talked about it with some folks but there’s nothing too solid yet. Mayor Burchett’s term is coming up and I think he’s been really good for Knox County.”

I think the most important thing is I care very deeply about this community, like a lot of people do. And that’s the only reason I would consider getting into any sort of government because I do care very deeply. And I think it’s incumbent upon people who care about the communities to try to make a difference.”

Kane talks about pride for Knoxville: 

“I could live anywhere, but the reason I live in Knoxville is that I love it here – I love East Tennessee. I love the people. I think they have great values and I think they have common sense. And for me, the political philosophy should reflect that – to keep Knox County a great place to live and a great place to raise a family.”

Why he’d make sense as a candidate, considering he has less political experience: 

“I think at this point, the fact that someone doesn’t have a lot of political experience is a plus,” he said. “We’re seeing that in the presidential election. People are tired of business as usual, they’re tired of politicians.”