Brian Knobbs
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Brian Knobbs Tells Story Of Fit Finlay Almost Losing His Leg In A Match With Him, Describes The Toll Hardcore Wrestling In WCW Took On Him, More

This WrestleZone Radio exclusive features Nick Hausman interviewing former WWE & WCW Tag Team Champion Brian Knobbs.

You can find more information about the interview as well as some transcribed quotes below.

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On his singles run in the hardcore division in WCW in the late-90s:

BK: We were hardcore before hardcore was cool so that’s the division I came back to in 1999. I was champ three times but that took a lot of wear and tear on my body. After 2-3 years of doing that every night with the trash cans over your head and this and that and the other. They weren’t buying stuff for us and cutting tables that we could go through easily. Everything was found from the building. Whatever we thought we could use we used and we brought it out there and were killing each other. 

On who he remembers as being particularly hardcore around that time:

BK: Fit Finlay is a tough SOB. He is still my very good friend. I threw him through a table in Tupelo, MI. We thought the table was good. He went through it. He went through it like a cannonball when he hit it on his back and his butt. He went through just like a cannonball. He took off and when I went over to see him the top part of the table was made with formica and almost cut off his leg. It was the worst I ever saw. I stopped right there, I took my Nasty Boys shirt off and put it around him because he was bleeding. I called for the medics. I didn’t really care that the match was still going at that time. He went and lost all the nerves in his foot and everything. He had to wear a brace for a long time. Believe it or not, he’s one of the toughest guys I know. He went to the emergency room and he didn’t want no pain medicine, no nothing. Just do what they had to do. They had to sew stuff up and after that he had to wear this boot. He was out of wrestling for a bit and then he built himself back up and he came back. Now he’s got feeling back in the foot and everything and he’s one tough SOB. Those were some brutal matches we had. He’s the real deal. He was over in Ireland back in the day. He was a soldier in the army over there and everything. He’s the real deal. A real tough guy. He’s a pain free guy, you can’t hurt him at all. When he hits you you know that you’ve been hit. 

This interview is in conjunction with Legends of Wrestling’s upcoming “Invasion of PNC Park” at the June 22nd Pittsburgh Pirates game against the San Francisco Giants. Featuring Kevin Nash, Booker T, Kurt Angle, Tito Santana & The Nasty Boys.

Some of the topics of discussion include:

  • Legends of Wrestling’s last show with the Miami Marlins
  • The rich history of pro wrestling in Florida
  • Legends of Wrestling invading PNC Park and the Pittsburgh Pirates on June 22nd
  • All of the different activities the Legends will be participating in during the game
  • All of the options Kurt Angle has at the moment
  • His thoughts on Kurt Angle returning to WWE as a trainer or performer
  • His memories of traveling the road with Micro Championship Wrestling
  • The odds that midget wrestling could become main stream in American pro wrestling again
  • The strip club party that he and Jerry Saggs hosted during WrestleMania weekend
  • Jeff Jarrett pushing him to the ground during WrestleCon
  • What he thinks of GFW
  • The Nasty Boys match with The Hart Foundation at WrestleMania 7
  • All of the hardcore matches that became fashionable in the 90’s
  • How concussions used to be handled
  • The toughness of Fit Finlay
  • Whether or not he would bring back the Hardcore Championship
  • WWE not featuring managers anymore
  • Bob Backlund’s work with Darren Young
  • Why it’s harder to get in to the business now than it was when he did
  • More…

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