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Backstage News on WWE Plans for AJ Styles Following Extreme Rules, Heat on Cody Rhodes for WWE Statement, Which Writers Was Rhodes Targeting?

Backstage News on WWE Plans for AJ Styles Following Extreme Rules

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, despite losing twice to Roman Reigns in WWE World Title matches, WWE still has big plans for AJ Styles going forward.

With Seth Rollins returning to face Reigns at Money in the Bank, as of now it’s unknown if Styles will remain in the WWE World Title picture along with Rollins.

Heat on Cody Rhodes for Release Statement

It was also noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the statement issued by Cody Rhodes on his WWE release was met with a lot of backstage heat in WWE.

Specifically, WWE officials were not happy with Rhodes talking about a WWE writer hitting on female developmental talents.

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In related news, Rhodes’ statement has made many people wonder exactly who he was referring to on the WWE creative team, and while this cannot be confirmed, Rhodes was likely referring to Ed Koskey and Ryan Ward.

Koskey is the head writer of WWE Raw, and is likely who Rhodes was talking about when he referred to a writer as “pretending to be Brian Gewirtz”. Gewirtz is a former head writer of Raw, and Koskey has had the job since 2013.

Ryan Ward is the current head writer of WWE Smackdown, and was a former NXT writer.